Pre Purchase Inspections

If you are thinking of purchasing a new car or motorcycle, a pre purchase inspection by a qualified technician

can give you peace of mind and could save you money.

Following a pre purchase inspection, our findings will be verbally discussed with you and you will be emailed a comprehensive written report. You will then be in a better position to decide if it is the right purchase for you and if it has been priced according to its health and safety status.

Whatever the outcome of the inspection, it can be a positive experience for you:

  • If no or minimal faults are identified, you have the peace of mind that you are purchasing a good vehicle
  • If conversely, the vehicle has many faults and issues, you have just saved yourself an expensive hassle and can walk away
  • Or, if faults are identified, but you are still interested in purchasing the vehicle, you can use your pre purchase inspection report to negotiate a reduced price

In our experience, most pre purchase inspections result in our customers saving more than the cost of the inspection.


How much does a pre-purchase inspection cost?

Car    $180 incl GST
4x4 vehicle $210 incl GST
Motorcycle  $150 incl GST



Where will the pre purchase inspection take place?

Ideally we like to complete pre purchase inspections at our workshop.

This is so we can raise the vehicle on our hoist, as we believe to properly identify faults and provide a comprehensive report the vehicle needs to be in the air.

If, however, you would like us to complete an inspection on site locally, or you have a motorcycle to be inspected, please give us a call to discuss location and services required and we can quote accordingly.


What is covered on a pre purchase inspection?

The inspection will take up to two hours to complete.
The focus is looking at the safety of the vehicle or motorcycle and identifying mechanical /electrical faults. This will include:
Smoke Test
Signs of accident damage
Internal electrical operation
Lights and levels
Interior condition
Mechanical operating parts
Auxiliary belts
Prop shaft
Oil Leaks
Air conditioning
Cooling Fan
Paint condition
Road Test


To book or discuss further, give us a call…